Susan M. Cossette BCTMB Usui/Tibetan Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

Cranial Sacral Introductory Course (2)

Cranial Sacral Introductory Course (2)

This workshop is a 1-day class from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  This fully clothed therapy is performed on a massage table. The student shall practice palpation of the craniosacral rhythm & still points with the main regions treated: cranium, torso & sacral as well as listening stations: soles of feet, dorsum of the feet, calves, thighs, ilia, abdomen, thoracic outlet, arms & hands, thoracic inlet, neck, base of skull and calvarium.

Participants will practice proper body mechanics of practitioner including smooth transitions and effective hand positions. Students will be instructed on contraindications and effectively demonstrate how to adjust the session accordingly if indicated. Participants shall be able to identify the main cranial sutures, hand and finger placements for Cranial sacral rhythm as well as specific releases for occipital condyle release, evaluation of cranial sacral motion vault holds, frontal compression/decompression, parietal lift, medial compression/distraction, sphenoid compression/decompression, TMJ compression/decompression and ear pull.

The cost of this workshop is $175. which includes a class manual on techniques. Each student will give and receive as students practice on one another. You will also receive a certificate upon completion of this class. Once you are registered for the class you will receive a confirmation Email which will contain information as to where the class will be held and required supplies. NCBTMB approved Continuing Education Hours = 8


Class Details

Class Date 03-07-2022 9:00 am
Class End Date 03-07-2022 6:00 pm
Capacity 12
Individual Price $175.00
Location Double Tree by Hilton

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